"Covering. Covenant. Connection."

The Anglican Churches of Pentecost

The Most Reverend Kelvin C. Brooks, MA

Presiding Bishop

Passionate about his purpose, trendsetting in his approaches, and consistently striving for excellence in all he does, Bishop Kelvin C. Brooks is a notable Christian leader for our time.

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The Very Reverend Scott M. Fredericks

Vicar of Church Growth & Development

Overseer Scott Fredericks is Senior Pastor of Rehoboth Deliverance Worship Church, a fivefold mission is to Evangelize, Restore, Revive and Empower in the name of Jesus Christ through Love and Encouragement.

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The Very Reverend Javon A. Seaborn, M.Div.

Dean of Chaplains

Overseer Seaborn is a phenomenal preacher carrying heavy the mantle of prophet and servant leader. He serves as a Chaplain in the Unites States Army with the rank of Major (O-4) and as the Dean of Chaplains for the Anglican Churches of Pentecost. 

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Our Leadership

The Very Reverend Dr. Hylanie K. Chan-Williams, M.Div., Th.D.

Director of Christian Education &

Assistant Dean of Chaplains

The Very Rev. Dr. Chan-Williams is a passionate and committed academic with an undeniable apostolic and pastoral mantle on his life., He serves as a Chaplain in the Unites States Navy with the rank of Lieutenant Commander (O-3) and as the Director of Christian Education and Assistant Dean of Chaplains, for the Anglican Churches of Pentecost.  (Read More...)