"Covering. Covenant. Connection."

The Anglican Churches of Pentecost

         Passionate about his purpose, trendsetting in his approaches,                                                                                  

 and consistently striving for excellence in all he does, Bishop Kelvin C. Brooks                                                                                 is a notable Christian leader for our time. After being reared in both the                                                                                            Baptist and AME Churches, Bishop Brooks was baptized in the Baptist                                                                                              church at the age of seventeen. That same year he responded to the call of                                                                                     ministry on his life and preached his first sermon at Aenon Baptist Church of                                                                                  Vauxhall, New Jersey. After a few years of preaching, he formally began                                                                                              operating in ministry and leadership in Shekinah Glory Christian Church of                                                                                      Newark, New Jersey under the covering and direction of Bishop Loretta                                                                                            Smith-Johnson; where he was ordained a presbyter in 2006 and served for                                                                                      over seven years.

        While in Shekinah, Bishop Brooks became involved in Covenant Ecumenical Fellowship and Cathedral Assemblies (CEFCA), where Bishop Smith-Johnson serves as the Second Assistant Presiding Prelate, and Bishop Donald Hilliard, II is the Founder and Presiding Prelate Emeritus. In 2008 he was appointed to be CEFCA’s First Adjutant General, and was consecrated to the prelature as an Overseer in 2009, serving as the youngest prelate of the fellowship. Over the years, Bishop Brooks has distinguished himself among the senior leaders of the church as a trusted source for ecclesiastical reference, and as a committed servant, prone to reverent worship.

        In January of 2009, Bishop Brooks began Order In The Kingdom Ministries, to provide consultation, training, and resources for ecclesiastical leadership and adjutants. His senior pastorate began in 2012, when he and his wife began developing Kingdom Life Cathedral, a church-plant, in his hometown of Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Currently holding weekly Sunday Worship services and other activities, Kingdom Life Cathedral is a growing congregation within the community. In 2014 his ministry took on a new level of impact when a small group of clergy leaders who sit under his covering came together to form a communion with him as their leader. Consequently, Bishop Brooks was consecrated to the Episcopacy on August 1, 2015 and serves as the founder and Presiding Bishop of The Anglican Churches of Pentecost, a reformed Anglican, convergence communion of clergy, churches and ministries, where he provides spiritual covering, covenant and connection for those within the communion.

 Above all, he is most blessed by the love, life, and ministry he shares with his wife, Lady Shonda-Reneé Brooks and their three children; Aislinn Victoria-Jon'Nae, Justus Wesley-Alexander, and Chloe Naomi-Grace.

The Most Reverend Kelvin C. Brooks, M.A.

Presiding Bishop and Primate